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Electronic Vacuum clearnclean


The Electronic Vacuum clearnclean is a high quality, safe, and effective device made to be the all-round solution for your skin cleansing needs. It is perfect for both young and old, dry, oily or combination skin. It will clean and smoothen your skin, leaving it looking younger and more beautiful than ever.

Electronic Vacuum clearnclean In Just Rs. 1999/-

Feature: of Electronic Vacuum clearnclean

 Our blackheads vacuum painlessly removes blackheads from the root!
 The suction power is bigger than the traditional blackhead suction machine.
 4 suction heads, fit for different blackheads and skin, remove horny and dead skin
 Deeply clean face, remove blackhead, acne, pimple skin and dead skin to achieve glowing youthful skin.

Cleans Pores Painlessly & Gently Without Squeezing

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Electronic Vacuum clearnclean : How It Works


* Effective in remove face blackheads and acne safely.
* The vacuum power is adjustable for different skin.
* Equipped with 4 different probes, makes it more accurate in fitting your face and nose.
* This blackhead vacuum remover is compact and portable, good for using at home or SPA, easy to carry for a travel or trip.
* Massaging the skin, peel of dead skin, and let the skin rejuvenate again, increases skin elasticity.


How to use::

1. Steam your face with face steamer for 10 minutes (or hot towel)
2. Apply the backhead derived liquid on blackhead place (5 minutes)
3. Put a small round suction head mounted to host, moves the device along the blackhead location back and forth
4. use ice towel cold compresses and use the moisturizing product to firm pore

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Electronic Vacuum clearnclean In Just Rs. 1999/-


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